Bing Daily Quiz Reward Points

Bing was released on June 1, 2009. It is a search engine site that has replaced Live Search. Bing, with a query volume of 20.9 percent as of November 2015, is the second largest search engine in the US. Bing always provides real-time and interesting news sourced from the world, national and local. It is organized to provide visitors with in-depth news coverage on entertainment, business, politics, sports, culture and more.

There are many features of Bing. The Bing features are generally interface features, media features, local information, instant responses, integration with third parties, Windows 8 integration, translator and many others. Last year, Bing launched a new feature. This is a Bing quiz. Currently when you visit Bing, on the Bing homepage you will see a graduation cap icon leading to a three-question quiz. This is a daily Bing quiz offered by Bing to Bing visitors or users.

Bing Daily Quiz

How to play the Bing daily quiz? If you are in the mood to play a daily quiz, there are several ways you should do it. First, you have to go to Then, the Bing homepage will display an icon with a scholastic hat on it. And after, you have to click on the icon. Next you will see daily quiz questions. The quiz contains short questions with 3 choices. Are you curious to play it? Come on, try playing the quiz and be the winner. Please complete the three question quiz and answer it correctly. You will get a grade at the end of the quiz. The score you can share on your social media sites. Or you can continue the quiz fun by taking the quiz from the previous days.

What is the Daily Bing Quiz?

As we mentioned earlier, with this quiz, companies expect their users to spend time having fun and learning something new every day. So, on the Bing homepage you will find new quizzes every day, and each one about a different topic. And, if you’re wondering what to expect from this quiz, know that you can learn things about history, politics, breaking news, science, music, art, holidays and much more.

How do I take this quiz?

You can find daily quizzes on the Bing homepage, just below the search bar. You’re going to have a question and three potential replies. If you answer, the platform will take you to a new page where you will see if it is true or not and you can check more information about it.

Then if you want to take another question, you can return to the main page and change the question in the little arrow at the bottom of the page. This will change the background as well as the questions they present. This way you can take another one.

Remember that if you are a Microsoft member, you can earn points for every correct answer you get, so keep playing, having fun, and remembering all the points you can every day. If you have a lot of points, you can exchange them for gifts and rewards offered by the company, such as gift cards.

So, take this quiz, share it with others, and have fun with them. You will learn something and gain new knowledge along the way about various subjects and win points.

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